About PH7

Background information on PH7 and it's owner Stephen Johnstone

PH7 is a brand new and unique way of supporting others from advice and guidance on computer, digital media and business development requirements.

PH7 Anything But Neutral is here to help!


How it began


The business started some time ago out of Vlogging on youtube about supercars and some of the amazing experience I have had. It was through editing and filming the content that I realised I really enjoyed doing this which is when I realised there was a gap in the market and so PH7 was born.


Life was very mixed for me growing up, I struggled at school but learnt leadership and management through Cadets. I left school at 16 and started working for a family run garden centre which was a great experience even though at the time it didn’t feel “great”. I learnt how not to run a business from this experience but it confirmed to me that I wanted to run my own business.


So here I am after 4 years achieving my goal of owning my own business, PH7 is here.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and please feel free to get in touch.


My Personal Story


Stephen Johnstone

Stephen Johnstone


I started PH7 from Daily Vlogging on YouTube about personal experiences, feelings and also Supercars which are my passion. It was through the editing and creating of the content for the YouTube channel “Stephen with a PH”, I found my enjoyment and a new passion.

I now run two YouTube channels as well as two Instagram’s and Two Facebook pages. I really enjoy the community I am in touch with and the support I get, this is also where I found the Niche in the market for PH7.

There are benefits for businesses, charities and individuals to be on digital platforms and social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name just a few. I support everyone and anyone who needs help to get online or to Improve their existing online content. PH7 also supports everyone and anyone with computer and information technology requirements.

Please click on the links below to join the wonderful community I am already building and to follow my personal journey as I explore running my own Business at 21 Years old.